CK PRODUCTS – CK Porcelain

Designed with many sophisticated designs with elegance, elegance mixed with modern features. With simple, strong lines, the quality of glossy enamel combined with elegant design creates its own highlight, which has made CK become a ‘Professional European Porcelain Manufacturer in Vietnam’
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Applying the automation production process, fully meeting all the needs of quantity and quality of products for restaurants, hotels, eateries, cafes,..

Hotels & Restaurants


Providing CK porcelain products for Restaurants – Hotels, a variety of models, cups, plates, styling plates, dipping plates, dipping cups,… Porcelain CK with many choices for all spaces Restaurants, hotels.



Providing porcelain patterns for families, diverse patterns, elegant and luxurious motifs. Porcelain CK is suitable for many spaces and customers.



Gift items: Dining table set, tea cup set, glass, leaf plate,.. Porcelain CK is a meaningful gift, especially in choosing gifts for businesses on holidays, memories, gratitude to customers,..



Porcelain cups printed with patterns, motifs as gifts, souvenirs,…

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