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CK was established in 1966, headquartered in Yingge, Taiwan. CK started its business in Vietnam in 1994 and invested in building the factory in 1999. Starting with the spirit of customer service according to the criteria ‘Safety, hygiene, high quality’. Currently, CK is the largest porcelain manufacturer in Vietnam, with a production line with 2 product lines: Household and HORECA.
Gốm Sứ CK
CK is an enterprise that has perfected the vertical integration strategy and has the most advanced production process, applied the automation production process and has led the industry in cost control capacity, production quality and also product design. Current production productivity can reach a maximum of 5 million products per month.
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The factory area of CK has reached 150,000m2, the warehouse is 60,000m2. 5 branches in Hanoi, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City and Vinh Long. There are warehouses, customer service staff, vehicle teams and delivery staff. Meet all needs of quantity, delivery conditions, orders placed separately as required.

With a very strict management process in the design and production of products. The simple, strong lines, the quality of glossy enamel have made CK a ‘Professional European Porcelain Manufacturer in Vietnam’.

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Professionalism is a condition for many famous European brands to choose CK we become the leading production partner.

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Internationally, in addition to the certificate of announcement of Vietnam’s technical-regulation cooperation, CK porcelain products also have Halal certification, certified to CA Prop 65, FDA,… of the US, UK, Europe and many other countries

Now, we bring our experience of successful international cooperation to Vietnam, so that Vietnamese consumers do not need to go to Europe but can still buy high quality European porcelain products at preferential prices.